Summer School

On Wednesdays evenings in July and August you can attend different workshops in different bellydance styles. You can join all classes, or pick your favorites. Classes for beginners as well as for intermediate/ advanced dancers. 6 Wednesdays in July and August, 2 level workshops, 6 (inter)national top teachers, and loads of fun!

february, 2019

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Summerschool Program


Liquid Gold:
Urban Liquid Style Bellydance
Teacher: Laura Dãnapati

Wednesday July 4th
18.45-19.45 Beginners
19.45-21.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Bellydancers

Let's discover the world of urban fusion belly dance. In this workshop you'll be exploring Laura's urban take on tribal fusion belly dance, focusing on some exciting drills and techniques, and ending with a fun high energy urban style combo. Do you like to wave and isolate? To express every little sound in the music? To be fast and suddenly become slow, light and heavy at the same time? Then this workshop is definetely for you!

Chinese Fan Fusion Bellydance
Teacher: Mascarié (CN/BE)

Wednesday July 11th

18.45-19.45 Beginners

19.45-21.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Bellydancers

This workshop will teach you the basics of Chinese fusion and introduce you to the world of fan veils, a popular bellydance prop inspired by Asian dances! Following a Salimpour-inspired warmup to get the body moving, this class will begin with a basic overview of Chinese dance steps that can be used in fusion dance. You will then put these moves to the test, blending bellydance and Chinese folkoric dance moves into a series of exercises and short combinations. We will spend the rest of our time learning some basic techniques and combinations to use fan veils, the perfect prop for Chinese Fusion!


((Don't have fan veils? No worries, there is a possibility of lending them from Mascarié)

Down the Rabbit Hole:
Experimental Style Bellydance
Teacher: Vleer (NL)

Wednesday July 25th

18.45-19.45 Beginners
19.45-21.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Bellydancers

Ever wondered why a machine dances? Or how a tree expresses emotion? Then take a trip with Vleer through the realm of unusual inspiration. During this workshop we will explore untapped resources to expand our dance and movement vocabulary. By using fun exercises with what Vleer calls a reversed anthropomorphic personification approach ( don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds ) we will take inspiration from objects, nature and the human condition. By combining these new concepts and drawing inspiration from more traditional dance disciplines like Tribal Fusion Bellydance to the more untraditional like Butoh and Experimental Urban we will be able to discover new levels of intention and movement. A different and fun workshop for beginners and experienced dancers alike, that is completely out of the box. Who wants to go down the rabbit hole?



Contemporary Fusion Bellydance
Teacher: Elisheba

Wednesday August 1st

18.45-19.45 Beginners

19.45-21.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Bellydancers

Belly dance and contemporary dance are two dance genres that at first sight hardly have anything in common. However practising contemporary dance can be very useful for belly dancers to give more depth to their dance. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body, and that's exactly what this workshop is all about. Elisheba will share some interesting contemporary dance moves and concepts partly inspired by the essentials of Laban movement analysis. Move in a creative, freeing & graceful way, work on emotion and bring your dance story to life.


Animal Tribal Style Bellydance
Teacher: Anika

Wednesday August 8th

18.45-19.45 Beginners
19.45-21.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Bellydancers

Let's find and release our inner beast. In this high energy workshop we will learn how to add animal ways, strength and energies to our bellydance. We will work on specific movements to strengthen upper and lower body in a way to be able to move safely on hands and feet near the ground. Anika's goal is to give you enough tools to be able to practice the concepts you like at home, to open your comfort zone to another dimension with other points of views, and of course… to have fun!

(Not suitable for people with wrist problems)

All that Glitters
Belly Burlesque
Teacher: Sissi Gauthy

Wednesday August 15th
18.45-19.45 Beginners
19.45-21.45 Intermediate/ Advanced Bellydancers

Enter the sensual and happy world of burlesque. Let Sissi take you away into a universe of pure madness, filled with feathers, diamonds and pearls! In this workshop we will switch between glamour and sensuality to recall the attitude of a James bond girl. Learn a choreography mixing Charleston, cabaret and oriental dance. and let the music take you back to the 1920s.


Practical Info


Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent (BE)

Studio Maan (ground floor)

  • Beginner: Wednesday Evenings 18.45 - 19.45
  • Intermediate/ Advanced: Wednesday Evenings 19.45-21.45
Price Single Workshops

Beginner (1 hour): €15

Intermediate/ Advanced ( 2 hour): € 29

Price Packages

10% discount if you follow 4 or more workshops, or get the full work-out:

Beginner package:

€75 for all 6 workshops

Intermediate/ Advanced package: 

€ 150 for all 6 workshops

  • The beginner workshops are meant for dancers with no or little bellydance experience.
  • The intermediate/ advanced workshops are meant for dancers with bellydance experience.

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As long as the workshop is not marked as sold out, you can still join. Just come to Planeet Mars 10 minutes before the start of the workshop and register on the spot. Payment in cash or through the bancontact app on your smartphone

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Teacher Team

Laura Dãnapati

After years of jazz and hip hop classes, Laura discovered bellydance in 2011. When she discovered Tribal Fusion, she completely fell in love! Since then Laura started to follow every lesson and workshop available with several great teachers (bellydance, tribal fusion, ATS, Suhaila Salimpour technique...) Nowadays she is trying to get to know many other dance styles in order to feed her fusions... Laura likes to dance in crews and is an active member of several: Adivassi, Tribal Voodoo, Danapati. Since 2 years she has her own danceschool in Liège, called Meza Luna. Although Laura likes to dance very different kinds of Tribal Fusion, her biggest crush is urban fusions.

Mascarié (BE/CN)

Chantal embodies the eclectic mix of styles and cultures that define tribal fusion. Her dance is influenced by a childhood in traditional Chinese dance and ballet, and a later love for Egyptian Cabaret and contemporary dance. She has performed since 2009 in the US, Canada and Belgium and teaching in 2013. She formed Mascarié Tribal Fusion in 2013 in Canada to bring together women of different dance styles who shared a love for fusion, and has since recreate the collective in Brussels. Chantal completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements Phase I in March 2016, and is now a student of the Salimpour School (certified Jamila Format Level 1 in October 2016 and Suhaila Format Level 2 in April 2018).

Vleer (NL)

Vleer has been dancing since childhood, and has roots in Salsa, House and Hip Hop. Vleer fell in love with Tribal Fusion Bellydance when she came across a video of Rachel Brice while looking for new inspiration in dance, and boy did she find it! She started studying under Maya Acid and Tjarda van Straten, and started travelling Europe to follow workshops. In 2012 Vleer teamed up with Annelies Jansen to create SheBeckons; a fusion bellydance duo with a dark edge. She didn’t leave it at dancing and took weekly StageLab classes with focus on Butoh while studying ArtScience at the Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire, and was a performer with HipSick Unusual Theatre. In 2015 Vleer re-involved her previous Urban Dance style inspirations in her dancing and has taken a more experimental approach to movement and dance by attending dance battles and joining forces with Obelixx for multiple projects and productions.


Elisheba graduated from Stichting 'Dans van de Morgenstond' as a professional belly dancer and took classes from the world's best (oriental) dancers like Khalida, Queenie, Anasma, Tjarda, Rosangela Silvestre... Dance is Elisheba's favorite platform to tell stories. Intensity is what types her style the best. In her classes she interpretes and translates dance information where the individual is the centre. She strives to combine dance and self-discovery. There is a high synergy between her and her dance students. This is optimal to create a group where still everybody can be him of hereself. In 2014 she won 'Stars of Bellydance' in the category 'Fusion Star of Belly Dance'. In 2013 she won the 3rd place during the Benelux Belly Dance Championships in the category 'Show Belly Dance Solo Adults'.


From 6 years old, Anika has been dancing. She attended the OVA academy where she was trained in classical dance for ten years. After that, she tried various types of dance until the discovery of bellydance and tribal fusion. She opened her own school "Tribal Voodoo", and is a member of succesful dance troupe Dãnapati. Since 2015, she has been working on her degree to become a personal trainer. Her work is focusing on A.P.O.R. de Gasquet, Pilates, functional training, stress management and nutrition. Dance has been a path to vibration since Anika was born. It’s allowing her to evolve in her body, her tool. Dancing is one way to reconnect body, mind and soul…It’s a passion she wishes to share with you!

Sissi Gauthy

Dancer, choreographer, teacher and stylist from Namur, who is known for her theatricality and her creative choreographies. During her international shows, Sissi was noticed for her theatrical talent. More than pure technique, Sissi gives great importance to story telling in her dance, music, costumes and accessories. Her goal is to discover an allegorical fantasy world, through time and space. Sissi is also the creator and designer of clothing brand "Créatribal by Sissi gauthy", founder of dance company Tribality, and the organizer of the "Fest-Tribal Namur".

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