Workshops are a great way to delve deeper into your dance. That's why we regularly host (inter)national teachers to teach you all you ever wanted to know about tribal fusion bellydance and beyond.


Teuta | The Business of Dance - Embrace your Superpower

Saturday 8 DEC | 10.00 - 11.30 | €35/ €30 | Open Level

Ever wondered why the best dancers in the world are not always the most successful dancers in the world?

Business skills don't come naturally for most dancers. Learning how to tell your story is an essential component to running your own dance busines. In this workshop we will delve into your 'why'. Learn to identify your unique selling point, get your story right and start sharing your superpower with the world.

(if you are subscribing for Teuta's Dancers in Business Program 2019, you get a full refund of this workshop in the form of a discount on the program)

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Alexis Southall | Fluid & Strong - Back to the Core

Saturday 8 DEC | 12.00 - 14.00 | €45 / €40 | Open Level

Going back to the core of Tribal Fusion – literally. We will work on training our muscles to attain the liquid effect of sinuous and fluid tribal fusion movements. Working on developing the core through Pilates-based conditioning and strengthening, we will drill some of the classics from the fluid repertoire of bellydance movements and finish off with a liquefied combination or two. Please bring a yoga mat for the conditioning section of class.

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Sway Efey | Romantic Emotional Tribal Fusion - Stay soft

Saturday 8 DEC | 14.30 - 16.30 | €45 / €40 | Open Level

Graceful, theatrical, contemporary Tribal Fusion filled with your emotions. Graceful like a butterfly, light as a feather, delicate as silk. Elegant, with unique feminine charisma and stage presence? I would like to invite you to discover the emotional/romantic side of Tribal Fusion with me. You will learn graceful combinations, create your own and fill them with emotions. Take your stories on to the next level by increasing the essence of your dance by joining movements with purpose, awareness and emotions.

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Doro Nakari | Tribal Anatomy – Key to Shoulders

Saturday 8 DEC | 16.30 - 18.00 | €35 / €30 | Open Level

As dancers, our bodies are our tools to express ourselves and interpret the world around us. It is immensely helpful to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of how our anatomy is built, envision the way our joints work, how our muscle chains connect together. Using her experiences from dance university studies and education by a physiotherapist, Doro will shed light on burning topics such as: the myths of the shoulder girdle; anatomically correct posture; and more! With great knowledge comes great responsibility...

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Michaela Nakari | Oh Shit! Shimmy!

Sunday 9 DEC | 12.00 - 14.00 | €45 / €40 | Open Level

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ... shake it like a Polaroid picture! Shimmies can stand alone, but are even more exciting with added layers and traveling steps. Conquer the wiggle and let it run like a washing machine programme while you get creative with your feet, arms, upper and lower body. Probability of brainmelts and sweatrivers. Shake it off!

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Alexis Southall | Crazy Layers & Killer Combos!

Sunday 9 DEC | 14.30 - 16.30 | €45 / €40 | Open Level

After a 10 minute warm up, we are going to spend almost two hours drilling and dancing through some brand new combos. This high energy class will see us layering multiple parts of the body - chest, hips, feet, arms and hands... whatever you can think of, we're gonna try it out! And we'll throw it all together with some fun combinations at the end of class. Sweating and lots of laughter are all par for the course 😉 Expect to be both physically and intellectually challenged in this workshop.

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Stefanie Delilah | Dance Meditation

Sunday 9 DEC | 16.30 - 18.00 | €35 / €30 | Open Level

Think less, experience more and surrender to the wisdom of your body in this active meditation workshop. Dance meditation is an exercise in becoming silent and witnessing yourself, the thoughts, emotions, experiences, of everything inside you.  The aim of this workshop is to give you new tools to explore yourself and your movement. You will be guided into a meditative state, where you will turn your focus inward and open up to the movements that exist naturally in your body. Discover the ways that your body wants to move in the moment. A space will be created where you will feel safe and free to explore your body and movement capacity and to discover and express yourself in new ways, through movement, dance and breathwork. New tools will be handed to you, that you can use as a morning practice, to connect to yourself, but you can also use them as an exploration of movement, for example in the process of creating a new choreography.

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Masha | Bellypoi: Bellydance meets Poi Flow

Thursday 17 JAN | 19.00 - 20.30 | €29 | Open Level

In this workshop we will be mixing elements of tribal fusion bellydance into poi flow learning how to combine these two very different styles of movement. We will start with making our own simple pair of practice-pois from a pair of old stockings and two tennis balls - easy but functional. It's also possible to bring your existing pois if you already own some. When we all have a pair of pois Masha will teach you some basic poi spinning tricks and also give tips for practicing important poi skills at home like plain control for example. Then we will proceed to practice some bellydance moves before combining what we have learned and making belly-poi flow combo's. Masha will also give you some tips towards dancing with veil pois at the end of the workshop. This workshop is focussed on poi basics for practical reasons, but if you practice with poi first, veil poi becomes a fun next step to explore. Expect to find your flow, laugh a lot, challenge your sense of coordination in every way and of course an occasional tennisball hitting your face.

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Teuta | Dancers in Business Program

9 FEB - 9 MAR - 6 APR - 4 MAY | 11.00 - 17.00 | €990

Want to make a professional career out of your passion? In  the Dancers in Business Program you will learn all you need to know about being a succesful dance entrepreneur. Together with a small group of other dance entrepreneurs you will take the next step in your dance career. We delve into the DNA of your dance business, your talents as a dance entrepreneur, your USP, your client, your price, your marketing, your time and much more. This program consists of 4 live workshop days in group and starts twice a year. The Dancers in Business Program is an intensive coaching program, specifically designed for dance and movement teachers who want to make a living out of their dance.

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