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Teuta is a tribal fusion dance artist from The Netherlands. She has been dancing since her childhood, and has developed her own unique dreamy dance style. Teuta is known for her enthusiasm, creativity and versatility. She has been teaching and performing in Amsterdam since 2010. In 2014 she moved to Ghent and started her own bellydance school. Her dreamy but powerful choreographies have a unique flavour. Using techniques from both tribal fusion and modern dance gives her the freedom to create a dynamic dream world on stage. Her long legged fysique, fierce eyes, fluidness and original floorwork trademark her shows. Teuta can be hired for events, shows, (private) classes and workshops. She also organises 2 big events a year: Fusion Breeze and Fusion Freeze. For more information or to book Teuta or her dance troupe, send an email to info@teuta.nl


Since 2010 Teuta has been performing nationally and internationally as a solo artist. But she is also fond of collaborations. In the past she performed (inter)nationally with Imogen partner Alyza and was part of Julia Zafira’s group Al Noujoum. In 2014 she worked together with She Beckons dancer Annelies for the first time, which made for an interesting collaboration. With her background in different dance styles, Teuta is a versatile dancer. At the early age of 6 she started taking classical ballet lessons. Later she took different classes in jazz ballet, streetdance, hiphop, modern dance and gymnastics. In 2003 Teuta started belly dancing with Yazila. When moving to Amsterdam she started to take lessons with Julia Zafira and Tjarda (The Uzumé). Her passion for tribal fusion belly dance was born. Teuta loves taking workshops for inspiration, and has been lucky to learn from various international dancers such as Jill Parker, Mira Betz, Heather Stants, Sharon Kihara, Amy Sigil, Anasma, Piny Orchideceae, Illan Rivière and Ariellah. In 2011 she did an intensive training with Rachel Brice, and in 2012 with Anasma. In 2013 she took part in the Pro Track directed by April Rose at the Tribal Umrah festival in France and in 2016 she will be in the Pro Track with Rachel Brice. Besides tribal lessons and workshops, Teuta takes several other dance classes for inspiration.


In 2015 Teuta founded dance company Oblique, consisting of her advanced students. Teuta is very happy to be sharing the stage with these lovely talented dancers. Oblique can be booked for tribal and fusion bellydance performances.









In 2014 Teuta created a duet with She Beckons dancer Annelies for the first time. In 2015 they created their second duet. Teuta and Annelies have a similar dance esthetic and background, and hope to continue working together in the future.


Imogen consists of Alyza and Teuta. Alyza and Teuta met in Tjarda's dance classes and have been friends and dance partners ever since. They have created 2 duets which they performed (inter)nationally. In 2012 they took part in the Shimmy Shake, and in 2013 they were part of the New Talent Show at Bellyfusions in Paris.


Al Noujoum

From 2008 until 2011 was part of Julia Zafira's dance company Al Noujoum. Next to classical oriental dances, this versatile troupe also performed tribal and fusion choreographies at different events in The Netherlands.


There are a lot of people who helped Teuta get to the place she now is. She is very grateful to have had this support, love and inspiration of all of them.

Family & Friends

♥ Thanks to my friends and family for their everlasting support.
♥ Special thanks to my brother and Kes


♥ Marcia van Oers

♥ Niels Jansen

♥ Stefan Couvreur

♥ Jean-Marc Schneider

♥ Lotte Liese

♥ Long Cao

♥ Jessica Ann Schoonjans



Teachers & Coaches

♥  Tjarda
♥  Julia
♥  Yazila
♥  Esther Nederpelt
♥ Jumy

Dance Partners

♥ Alyza
♥ Annelies Jansen