Welcome to Bellydance School Teuta

Think Less, Shimmy More





At Dance School Teuta we love to share our passion for dance and moving with you. Our specialism is tribal fusion bellydance on the one hand and fusion bellydance on the other. Tribal Fusion bellydance fuses the ancient roots of bellydance with Ethnic and modern dance styles to create an elegant, powerful style of dance. This mysterious underground form of bellydance is characterized by its earthy and snake-like moves and feel. Music ranges from world to electronic to pop. Next to tribal fusion bellydance, we also love to experiment and invent new dance fusions like bellypole, bellyhoop, belyzouk and more. We welcome all levels, nationalities and sizes to our classes and events. Feel free to contact us and join us on the dancefloor.

Dance School Teuta offers a program all year round. First up we have our weekly classes in tribal fusion bellydance at 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Learn the core movements and key techniques of this beautiful dance form. Classes start twice a year: in September and in February. We also offer workshops for all level dancers all year round. Workshops are a great way for beginners to get to know tribal fusion bellydance, and for intermediate/ advanced dancers to delve deeper into their dance. Next to our classes and workshops we also organize various events every year: festivals, shows and more. And for advanced / professional dancers we offer the Dancers in Business workshops, coachings and program.