Bellydance Dinner Show

Sunday December 10, Planeet Mars will be transformed into a true Oriental paradise. Come and enjoy a unique one time only dinner show with dancers from all over the world.

Be mesmerized by beautiful performances by bellydancers from Belgium, Turkey, The Netherlands and Italy. They will color your evening with contemporary fusions with salsa, Indian temple dance and more.

The food will be prepared by Fonda, wonderful and colorful caterer. Fonda makes sunny beautiful food. Chef Nicole is inspired by the multiple tastes from the Mediterrenean kitchen, from Italy to Spain to Maroc and Libanon, and makes them into a harmonious mix. 



Defne is of Dutch & Turkish (& Polish & Tunesian) descent. She was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland. In her mid teens a passion for belly dance arose, and serious schooling started. After years of study and training with local and global masters, she became a very capable performer in Istanbul, Turkey.


A student of dance and music since she was 6, Eszter started Oriental dance in 2000. She recently won 2nd place at Ishtaraqs competition (Italy) with Fifi Abdo as head of jury, and performed with Mercedes Nieto in her Tarabesque Troup project in Spain. Eszter is known for her musicality and expressivity, and is firmly rooted in traditional Egyptian style(s). She approaches fusion with great respect to all musical and dance styles involved in her creations.

The Azora Dance Tribe is a young company from Liège of tribal fusion dance. It is the result of the fusion of dreamy and passionate dancers. This tribe has already participated in several events such as Seraing Oriental Dance Festival, Tribal Leuven and other "darker" projects with metal bands. These beautiful young dancers come back to us this year with a dreamy project: Indian Temple Fusion.

Carolina is a Tribal Fusion bellydancer from Italy, who has touched many shades of dance, and now has found her own. She is member of the “Kahuna Dance Company”, Caterina Grimani’s group.


This dancer is fusion in the truest sense, her look, movements and vibe are a manifestation of mixed elements. Watch her seamlessly transform from a dreamy angel into a fierce wolverine. She has a background in classical ballet and intensive training with big tribal fusion and bellydance artists like Tjarda, Nadiya and Halima. Annelies is known for many collaborations and troupes such as She Beckons, Opera Fatale, Levania and her moving duets with Teuta.


Sashimi's love for oriental dance started when she was 16. Her biggest inspiration is her teacher Sofie Baeckelandt. Sashimi combines Oriental moves with a mix of latin and urban influences, and is always looking for the tough touch in bellydance.


Alma Divyna’s dance experience started with ballet lessons at the age of five, but it was only in 2009 her love for dance and music made her follow dance classes and workshops more intensively. Since 2013, she has been regularly performing in several styles such as classic, fusion, tribal (belly) dance and Bollywood at public shows and main events. On stage, she believes in connecting with emotions and go with the flow through music.


Arianna Perucci is a Tribal Fusion dancer. She is student of Moira Simonelli “Omira” since 5 years and Caterina Grimani since 2 years. She is a member of the “Kahuna Dance Company”, Caterina Grimani’s group.


Mano is a young Belgian actress and oriental dancer. she started belly dancing in 2010, at Zahra, Jamila and finally at Slawa. Winner of several first and second prizes in Sharki and fusion ... Oriental dance is for her a real means of expression and sharing with the public. She tries to convey emotions, to tell stories through her passion.


Violetta is a Russian - Belgian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She has been dancing for 11 years. Violetta is not only an oriental dancer, she is also dancer and choreographer of High Heels dance style. Violetta is a semi-finalist of Belgium's Got Talent 2016, winner of international competitions and founder of "Oriental Cocktail" Open Stage Festival in Belgium.


Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent (BE)

Walking distance from train station Ghent Dampoort


The Land van Waaslaan is located in the orange parking zone: 
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Free parking on Sundays and Holidays.

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From the city center (Stadhuis, Korenmarkt, Sint-Jacobs ...) take bus 3, 17, 18, 38 to Dampoort.

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