Bellydance Summerschool Teacher Call


Bellydance Summerschool is a Summer Program for beginner and intermediate/advanced level dancers who want to keep dancing during the summer period. Different kind of tribal and fusion bellydance workshops are offered for 2 level dancers: Beginner and Intermediate/ Advanced. This year it's time for the 4th edition of Bellydance Summerschool.
This year it's time for the 4th edition of Bellydance Summerschool. The festival is now looking for teachers. Are you a tribal fusion bellydance teacher wanting to teach at the 4th edition of Bellydance Summerschool? That's great! Read all the practical info and conditions on this page. Sounds good? Then fill in the application form right away and see if you will be programmed.


APPLICATION PROCESS | Please read carefully!



Bellydance Summerschool takes place on Wednesday Evenings in July (and optionally in August).

The dates are:

3, 10, 17, 31 July 2019

7, 14, 21, 28 August 2019

  • TIME

18.30-20.00 Beginner Workshop

20.00-22.00 Intermediate/ Advanced Workshop


There are 2 workshops per evening in the same theme.

The first is for beginner students and the second one for intermediate/ advanced level dancers


The workshop has to be a tribal or fusion bellydance workshop. Please note that there is one theme per evening: so the same theme for the beginner as well as the intermediate/advanced workshop.


The workshop has to be taught in English and/ or in Dutch (depending on the participants)


Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent, Belgium


In order to apply to teach at Bellydance Summerschool , teacher must agree with the following conditions. These  conditions are only valid in case artist is selected to teach at Bellydance Summerschool.

Teacher is offered:

  • The chance to be a part of the 4th edition of Bellydance Summerschool
  • The opportunity to teach a total of 3,5 hours: 1 beginner workshop (1,5 hr) and 1 intermediate/advanced workshop (2 hr)
  • A compensation of €35 per workshop hour (including VAT)
  • An additional compensation of €10 per workshop hour, in case the workshop has more than 20 paying participants
  • A travel compensation on receipt (max €25)
  • Free admission to all the workshops during Bellydance Summerschool
  • A free space to sell merchandise during the workshop
  • A brief presentation on the website and other publicity materials
  • The possibility to spread flyers, business cards, etc

Teacher agrees:

  • to be available for 1 or more of the following dates: 3, 10, 17, 31 July 2019
  • to be a (semi)professional tribal fusion bellydance instructor
  • to be working as a self-employed teacher at own account and own risk
  • to send an invoice that meets the legal requirements after completion of the assignment
  • to teach workshops at a high standard of technique and safety
  • to teach workshops in English
  • not to teach any workshop of similar caliber within 200 kilometers of the event for 90 days prior to and 90 days following the festival
  • to obtain any necessary documents to enter Belgium
  • to have a valid medical insurance policy for the duration of your stay in Belgium
  • to promote the festival to the best of their ability on social media, website and network
  • to provide all additional information as required, adhering strictly to the timelines set by the festival
  • to be responsible for their own transport, travel and accommodation.
  • to be able to cover personal costs (travel, food, accommodation etc.) during the entirety of the festival
  • to authorize the festival to use their name, likeness, photos and videos to promote the festival including and not limited to flyers, web links and publication ads.
  • to give the free rights to the festival to use photos and videos made during the festival
  • that in case there are insufficient participants for the workshop, the workshop will be canceled.


If teacher agrees to the conditions stated above, teacher submits the online application form. Deadline is Sunday April 28 23:59.

Only complete applications will be taken into consideration.


Selections will be made in April and all teachers who applied will be contacted by email before May 5th.

There is no communication about the selection process or the amount of workshop hours.


If teacher is selected to teach at the festival:

1) teacher signs the festival contract and sends this back within 5 days after reception.

2) teacher provides promotion photos and video for the festival publicity within 5 days after selection email:
- Headshot photo in high resolution
- Promotion photo in high resolution (landscape)
- Promotion photo in high resolution (portrait)
- Photos representative of workshop themes in high resolution
- Short video (15-30 seconds) of teacher dancing the style they will be teaching

3) teacher provides promotion texts for the festival within 5 days after selection email:
- Title and description for each workshop (max 200 words) in English;
- Dancer biography (max 200 words) in English.
Teacher agrees that texts can be altered by Teuta.

4) teacher promotes the festival to the best of their ability. This includes:
- Sharing the festival on Facebook and other social media
- Sharing the festival in own network
- Sharing the festival on own website and/ or newsletter

5) after completion of the assignment, teacher will send transport receipts and an invoice that meets the legal requirements. The payment of teaching fee and travel expenses will be made after the event, within 30 days following the reception and agreement of teacher's invoice and receipts.