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Bellydance Summerschool 2017

6 Wednesdays in June and July, 6 (inter)national top teachers, 6 different styles, and lots of fun! For only ‚ā¨129 if you register now!
1. Drill Bill:
Tribal Fusion Drills & Layering
Wednesday June 7th | 19.30 - 21.30
Teacher: Teuta (BE/NL)


Tribal Fusion Bellydance uses the beautiful snake like movements from bellydance but puts it into a new and inspiring context. Get ready to sweat, drill and have loads of fun in this high energy workshop ? The more energy you put into this workshop, the more energy you will get. So bring your A game, and leave your head at home! A combination of drills, conditioning and lots of layering. Various levels of difficulty will be offered so that dancers can practice at their own level and pace.

2. Hoopdance Fusion:
Bellydance meets Hula Hoop
Wednesday June 14th | 19.30 - 21.30
Teacher: Karin de Wit (NL)

Learn to incorporate the hoop flow and feel into your bellydance! Hoopdance is a very valuable addition to your dance as it works many muscles in the body and has the potential to build core muscle strength while improving flexibility and balance. In this workshop, we will explore on and off body hoop tricks, fuse it with bellydance and learn a fun combination. This workshop is open to students with any level of bellydance and/ or hoop experience.

Karin will provide hoops for those who don't have their own hoop. 

3. Urban Belly Flow:
Hip Hop, Voguing & Waacking
Wednesday June 21st | 19.30 - 21.30
Teacher: Anika D√£napati (BE)

In this workshop, you will discover the work process of Anika's latest choreography call ‚ÄúLov for Eva‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs a universe mixing good feelings, travelling with style, foot and floor work, as well as hip hop, voguing and waacking influences. You will be able to experiment different learning process to feel and own the dance; by practicing interpretation, drills, memory, improvisation and awareness of the body in space. Goal is to give you enough tools to be able to practice the concept you like at home, take you softly and safely out of your comfort zone, and have fun!

4. Snake, Break & Bend It:
Total Body Fluidity & Flexibility
Wednesday June 28th | 19.30 - 21.30
Teacher: Lotte Lies (BE)

Fluid and everlasting snaky body movement is the appetizer of this workshop. Turn your body shapes into a sensual snake, giving special attention for flexibility in the back (basic backbending-technique) After a good warm up with smooth and slow combos we will break down the snake-gesture and add powerful breaks. A routine follows in the second part of the workshop to add these fresh contrasting flavors to your fusion vocabulary!

5. Pin Up and Swing:
Vintage Inspired Bellydance
Wednesday July 5th | 19.30 - 21.30
Teacher: Coralie Adivassi (BE)

Let Coralie take you away into a universe of comical and sensual pin-ups. We will go back in time and we will learn some basic swing moves which will be mixed with tribal fusion. To truly understand the pin up feel we will also spend some time on the theatrical aspect in our dance. We will incorporate all that we have learned into a sassy burlesque cabaret vaudeville choreography. Meow!

6. FANtastic ATS:
Back To the Roots
Wednesday July 12th | 19.30 - 21.30
Teacher: Deborah (BE)

A special opportunity for dancers to explore another style of belly dance currently not available in Ghent: American Tribal Style. This beautiful rich dance form lies at the roots of tribal fusion. In the first part of this workshop we will learn some of the basic slow and fast ATS steps. In the second part we will learn how to handle and hold dance fans. Fans add a bit color and a lot of power to your dance! Learn how to showcase these colorful props to add an extra dimension to your dance. 

Deborah will provide fans for those who don't have their own fans. 


Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent (BE)

Walking distance from Ghent Dampoort

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