Fusion Breeze Application Show


The Fusion Breeze/ Freeze festival is a small independent festival organized by tribal fusion bellydancer Teuta. Fusion Breeze was founded in 2015 by Teuta to promote tribal and fusion bellydance in Belgium, and to give dancers of all levels a stage to shine on. Connecting Tribal fusion belly dancers and dance lovers of all ages, nationalities and levels, encouraging diversity and building bridges between different cultures and countries, the Fusion Breeze / Freeze Festival has become a crossroad where national and international dancers, dance lovers, teachers, choreographers and troupes are gathered twice a year . The festival aims to be a cozy, friendly and personal place where everyone feels welcome and knows each others name. Next to connecting dancers, the festival strives to give dancers more body awareness, by programming different movement and bodywork workshops, like yoga and massage workshops.

5th Edition

This year it's time for the 5th edition of Fusion Breeze, and we will make it a special one! We have a beautiful international teacher team, with guest teachers from Argentina, France and the Czech Republic. We have a varied workshop program for you: from ATS to Tango Fusion to ITS. You will find it all at this years' Fusion Breeze. Next to the workshops we also have a wonderful show on Saturday evening, and a tribal style improvisational jam on Sunday. So a full program this year. Don't miss out!


So, you want to apply to perform at the Fusion Breeze V festival? That's great! Read all the practical info and conditions on this page. Sounds good? Then fill in the application form right away and see if you will be programmed in the 5th edition of the Fusion Breeze festival.

1. Practical Info

This year the Fusion Breeze show takes place on Saturday May 25th from 20.30 to 22.30. Location of the Show is: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent, Belgium

2. Conditions

The following terms and conditions are valid for all dancers performing in one of Teuta's shows.

♥ Compensation/ fee
Participation in the shows is on a voluntary basis. Therefore neither compensation nor fee will be paid.

♥ Applications
Only complete applications will be taken into account. So this means step 1 (artist application) and step 2 (workshop registration)

♥ Workshops
To perform in one of the shows, it is compulsory to attend at least one workshop. If you are performing with a group, you need to book as many workshops as there are dancers in the group.

♥ Length performance
Solo dances cannot be longer than 3:30 minutes, and group dances 4:00 minutes.

♥ Lighting / Decor
There are no special possibilities for lighting and / or decor.

♥ Selection
Teuta's shows are meant as a showcase for tribal and fusion bellydancers from all levels, from beginner to advanced. We prefer to program new choreographies which have not been shown before in Belgium. In case performers apply with 2 choreographies, Teuta will decide if and which choreography will be programmed. If there are enough spots, performers might be programmed with 2 choreographies. Teuta's students who want to perform get a guaranteed spot in the show. There is no correspondence about the selection process.

♥ Photos and videos
- Teuta reserves the right to make and publish live videos during the festival
- Teuta reserves the right to use photos and videos made during the festival for promotional purposes.
- Performer authorizes Teuta to use artist's name, photos and likeness to promote the festival including and not limited to flyers, web links, social media and publication ads.

♥ Liability
Performers release the organizers from any and all liability for lost or stolen goods as well as injury (to themselves or group members). Performers acknowledge that they are physically and emotionally able to participate.

♥ Privacy statement
By applying to perform in the show you accept Teuta's Privacy Policy

Last update: 01/03/2019

3. Application

- If dancer agrees to the conditions stated above, dancer submits the online application form. Deadline for applications is Sunday March 17 at 23:59.

- Selections will be made in March and all dancers will be contacted by email before April 1st.

- Although we would love to be able to programm all dance acts that apply for the shows, there are limited spots available. To give all dancers a chance, selection will not be based upon the date you send your application. In the selection process we will take into account several criteria

1) Level: Fusion Breeze is meant for dancers of all levels, from beginner to advanced.
2) Style: Fusion Breeze is meant as a showcase for tribal and fusion bellydance. Diversity of the program is important.
3) Time: Solo dances cannot be longer than 3:30 minutes, and group dances 04:00 minutes.
4) Originality: We prefer to show choreographies that have not been shown before in Belgium, and we love to program different artists at each festival.

  • There is no communication about the selection process.