Fusion Freeze 3 Show

This winter it's time for the third edition of Fusion Freeze, the tribal and fusion bellydance showcase in Ghent. An evening filled with fusion bellydance performances by dancers from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Headliner this year is the beautiful Caterina Grimani from Italy. The rest of the line up will be announced soon.



Caterina is one of the greatest exponents of tribal fusion in Italy. She’s well known and appreciated because of her sensitive, creative and innovative style. In dance she founds the way to express and accept herself as unique human being, as we all are, and the way to exorcise her fears. She’s fascinated by the world inside and outside her, because in it she founds infinite inspiration.


Dance school Teuta is the shool for tribal and fusion bellydance in Ghent since 2014 and is the organizer of the Fusion Freeze Festival. Teachers Teuta and Lotte are proud to perform their newest choreography with their open level and advanced students.


A student of dance and music since she was 6, Eszter started Oriental dance in 2000. She recently won 2nd place at Ishtaraqs competition (Italy) with Fifi Abdo as head of jury, and performed with Mercedes Nieto in her Tarabesque Troup project in Spain. Eszter is known for her musicality and expressivity, and is firmly rooted in traditional Egyptian style(s). She approaches fusion with great respect to all musical and dance styles involved in her creations.


The Amano Project is a contemporary fusion bellydance initiative under the direction of Tjarda van Straten. An everchanging mix of professional and advanced dancers.


Linda-Maria started bellydancing in 1993. In 2004 she fell in love with American Tribal Style (ATS). After many years of folk dancing she found the superior runner up. Her main teachers are Carolina Nereccio Bohlman and Megha Gavin. She is teaching the Fat Chance Belly Dance format and is a certified teacher in this style. In 2014 she founded the dance group Tribal Adventure. (


Child, Dounia grew up in Morrocoo. She was fascinated by old arabic and bollywood movies and get influenced by the northern culture and the south as well. She started dancing face to her mirror trying to reproduce the choregraphies she watched. She fell in love with the eastern music and since then the love story never ends. She practiced other dances and since 3 years, she started intensive improving and practicing of arabic dances, bollywood, bharatantyam and (recently) tribal fusion. The love story started years ago still goes on.


Cristina Zegarra is a Tribal Fusion dancer from Krefeld, Germany. She teaches Tribal Fusion and ITS in her hometown and loves to work in different projects wirth other dancers and artists.


Sofie Wauters,Elise Acke AND Rupa Bauwens met each other at dance school De Ingang. In March they decided to make a dance together and to compete at the Way To the East 2017 contest. With each a totally different dance background Tre Fyra became a true fusion team. With their performance they won 2nd place in the contest.


Liz London hails from Memphis, TN (USA) where for 10 years she ran Memphis Raqs Bellydance school and performance troupe before relocating with her family to Brescia, Italy. Combining her roots living in the Deep South with the hip hop and rock culture of Memphis, Liz has become known for her playful and soulful performances and technique-driven teaching style.


From an old French dialect, Mascarié means bewitching, enchantment. The group blends theatricality, music, and dance, to bring a unique form of lyrical storytelling to life. Mascarié is a collective of dancers who share a love for tribal fusion. The group first came together in Canada in 2014 and has since reformed in Brussels with a brand new set of dancers, performing together for the first time at Fusion Freeze 3!


Katya began her path in the world of oriental dance back in Ukraine years ago. She was fascinated by the beauty and femininity of eastern dancers. Seeking variety in dance and inspired by Rachel Brice she started taking tribal fusion classes and workshops in Belgium, Ukraine and internationally. Her latest passion is a classical Indian dance Odissi.


“Kahuna Dance Company“ is an Italian fusion bellydance based company who has an extremely emotive value, which works with the hidden expression beyond words and gestures. In this heartfully project, Caterina Grimani is the artistic director and an active member together with Carolina Giampaoli and Arianna Perucci.


Louise has been bellydancing for almost 10 years and is and still adores it. She is also a talented seamstress with many creative ideas. Elise has been bellydancing for almost 6 years and she did also ballet & jazz for many years.

Shimmy Di aka Diane is an up-and-coming urban fusion dancer who fancies world music sounds blend with modern urban rythms, and belly fusion!

Dancer, choreographer, professor and fashion designer, Sissi created in 2013 the first Fest-tribal of Namur in Belgium, she also created in 2012 Compagnie Tribality. Tribality consists of dancers Florence, Amandine, Barbara, Lilou, Pauline and Sissi.


“Fluid like a drink”. Apparently peaceful and fragile, yet she feeds the unexpected. Feel the fire that fuels her powerful and distinctive movements, leaving you surprised and touched. Coming from tribal fusion belly dance and ATS. Travelling through House. Currently studying Contemporary dance. Ever developing.


Dancer, choreographer, professor and fashion designer, Sissi created in 2013 the first Fest-tribal of Namur in Belgium, she also created in 2012 Compagnie Tribality. During his appearances, Sissi was noticed by the great theatricality of his choreographies. More than pure technique, it gives great importance to history and scriptwriting, Which are intimately linked to the choice of movements, music and costumes and accessories. Her objective is clear: to take you the time of a performance in an allegorical and fantastic world, through time and space.


Salwa is a versatile dancer, teacher, choreographer With a background in Salsa, flamenco, hip hop, african dance, indian dance. She was one of the first tribal fusion teacher in Belgium more than 10 years ago. She was invited to perfom with the Bellydance Superstars on one of their first tour in Europe, lately with Bellydance Evolution for a 5 shows tour. She is also part of the dance crew positively auditioned by the Cirque du Soleil and was multi awarded winner with the Salwa s troop in Bellydancer of the world, Benelux Championship, Oriental Marathon Festival, and was semi finalist of Belgium's got Talent 1st edition.


Mezza Luna is Laura Danapati 's dance school. Discover one of its very different universes!


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