Fusion Freeze 5


Fusion Breeze/ Freeze is a small independent tribal fusion bellydance festival in Ghent, Belgium. It was founded in 2015 by Teuta to promote tribal and fusion bellydance in Belgium, and to give dancers of all levels a stage to shine on. Connecting Tribal fusion belly dancers and dance lovers of all ages, nationalities and levels, encouraging diversity and building bridges between different cultures and countries, the Fusion Breeze / Freeze Festival has become a crossroad where national and international dancers, dance lovers, teachers, choreographers and troupes are gathered twice a year . The festival aims to be a cozy, friendly and personal place where everyone feels welcome and knows each others name.


This year it's time for the 5th edition of Fusion Freeze, and the 10th edition of the festival! This calls for a party! That's why this year we invited 5 amazing international teachers for you, who will be teaching 8 workshops. And ... we will have 2 Fusion Freeze shows this year: one on Saturday and one on Sunday! You don't want to miss this 😀


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Workshop 1

Lamia Barbara | Masterclass

Friday 13 DEC | 19.15 - 22.15 | €59/ €69 | Level: 4-5

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

Small class format: 15 students max

In this workshop Lamia will guide experienced dancers through exercises and drills designed to deepen their study of Tribal Fusion dance and improve their technique. Original combinations, an in-depth look at Fusion Bellydance technique and some new layering drill to enhance the dance and challenge the mind! Make your isolations crisper, your snake-like movements slower and precise and prepare yourself for some challenging layering including leveling, spins and feet patterns inspired from other dance styles. Be ready to dance from beginning to end!  Lamia will coach the students with tools and concepts from various dance styles, giving them specific tips and technical details. Be sure to bring a note book.

Workshop 2

Meije | Jacky Chan Mood: Smooth & Slinky

Saturday 14 DEC| 11.45 - 13.45 | €45 / €40 | Level: 3-5

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

Inspired by famous characters like Jacky Chan and Tarzan we will work on giving a slinky touch to our dance and on expanding our movement vocabulary. As tribal fusion bellydancers we are used to use our torso a lot. Let's move beyond our finely tuned torso technique and bring new dimensions to our dance. We will dive into original jumps, ninja stunts, and rolls, giving you a whole new toolbox of movement concepts to pull from. We will also examine how to 'slink up' our dance: slowly move across the floor like a ninja in a quiet, furtive and sneaky manner.

Workshop 3

Mell | Bouncy Fusion: Urban Flair

Saturday 14 DEC | 14.15 - 16.15 | €45 / €40 | Level: 3-5

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

Bouncy fusion is a technical , fun and ... sweaty workshop! Mell will share with you her tribal fusion workout routine through various exercises mixing yoga, fitness, cardio and movements. After some drills to revise tribal fusion basics, we will learn through different combos how to bring an urban touch to our bellydance. Proud attitude, Slow motion undulations, big rebound of hips and bust vs some speed isolations... Add more Bounce to your bellydance!

Workshop 4

Salma | The Great Gatsby: Vintage Glamour Bellydance

Saturday 14 DEC | 16.15 - 18.15 | €45 / €40 | Level: 3-5

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

" I hope she'll be a fool –that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool"

In this workshop we will add  a 20's vintage flair glamour  to our dance  by adapting this classical Scott Fitzgerald's novel to our times when  girls are no more beautiful little fools... we cry, we shout and we fight for what we want...  the workshop includes a part of technique to learn some old school Jazz and Tribal Fusion Bellydance movements that we will combine later in the choreography  for graceful and slinky movement. Be prepared to take out  your beautiful little flapper!!!

Workshop 5

Lamia | Tribal Fusion Fundamentals: Make it Slow

Saturday 14 DEC | 18.30 - 20.00 | €35 / €30 | Level: 1-2

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

What is Tribal Fusion Bellydance? This workshop is designed as a practical introduction to this fascinating style. After a short yoga-based warmup we'll explore basic posture and movements associated with Tribal Fusion, focusing on isolations, basic layering and tribal technique. We'll focus on the technique for shoulders, arms and hands to create powerful, elegant and expressive movements. Lamia will share specific exercises designed to release tension and strengthen the upper body, improve posture, elegance and water-like movements. Understanding that every movement has it source in the center of the body, we'll go for an exploration of our belly muscles to create precise and isolated undulations and isolations. Please bring a yoga mat, water, towel, note book. Comfortable clothes, no coins.

Workshop 6

Lamia | Strong Technique for Fearless Dancers

Sunday 15 DEC| 11.00 - 13.00 | €45 / €40 | Level: 3-5

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

In this class we’ll deepen our study of the strong fundamentals for dance. We’ll explore different topics: presence in the body and focused attitude, specific technique for different parts of the body, footwork, stillness and dynamic, as well as isolations, layerings and transitions. This workshops is designed to clean the technique in order to let our dance be stronger, soulful and fearless.

Workshop 7

Chantira | Silk dance: Dance Poetics

Sunday 15 DEC | 13.30 - 15.30 | €45 / €40 | Level: 3-5

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

With Persian dance as our muse, in this workshop Chantira will show us how to add more elegance and narrative to our dance. Exploring the subtle and delicate movement that Central Asian dance is so known for, we will first focus on embellishment: Elegant hand and arm work, dramatic turns, and decorative traveling steps. Inspired by the Silk Road, we will then explore ways to convey our story through our body. Diving into the expressive, emotional quality of dance. Move your heart and body, and add some poetry to your dance.

Bring comfortable fitting clothes / fluid skirt / ballet shoes or socks and don't forget your water! (Please kindly avoid coins scarfs)

Workshop 8

Lamia | Tribal Fusion Fundamentals: Hips 101

Sunday 15 DEC | 15.00 - 16.30 | €35 / €30 | Level: 1-2

Location: Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent

In this workshop we will bring your hips to life. Hipwork is one of the basic and fundamental techniques of Tribal Style Bellydance: how many accents, fluid and staccato movements can we create with our hips? Also, let's talk shimmies! One of the most popular bellydance moves. Conquer the wiggle and learn how to make your shimmy look crispy and juicy at the same time. And hey, what about bringing our hips on a traveling journey, accompanying them with arms and torso isolations? Lamia will share combinations and drill exercises designed to explore the fundamentals of this beautiful art form.  Please bring a yoga mat, water, towel, note book. Comfortable clothes, no coins.



Performer application for the 5th edition of Fusion Freeze is open from October 4 to October 20!


So, you want to apply to vend at the Fusion Freeze V Shows? That's great! The show will take place Saturday December 14 from 20.30 to 22.30 and Sunday December 15 from 17.00 to 19.00. Everyone is welcome to sell (tribal fusion) bellydance related goods or services. We love smaller vendors who sell hand made, unique, or specialty items. But also second hand goods are very welcome. Or services: henna, massages, or anything dance related. Read all about it by clicking the button below.
Registration workshops

There are only limited spots for the workshops. Make sure to register in time!

Workshop Registration will open October 11 at 17:00!


Applications are open from October 4 until October 20!

Apply here


Are you a vendor designing or selling tribal fusion/ bellydance costumes, jewelry or attributes? Or are you a henna artist who wants to embellish the dancers and audience with a henna tattoo? It's all possible at the bazaar of the Fusion Freeze Show.

All info & applications


Without volunteers the festival wouldn't be the same. We always need enthusiastic volunteers that can help us during the weekend: From helping with setting up chairs and stage for the show, to filming the event. From photography to sound and light. From presenting the show to helping with vending or production. It's all possible. We appreciate all the help we get from volunteers. As a thank you, we can offer free entrance to the show. And of course a lot of fun! Want to volunteer? Then send an email to dance@teuta.be for more information.


Ghent is a beautiful city, and if you are visitingthe festival you might want to consider booking an extra day to see all the ancient beauty this city has to offer. If you are looking for an accommodation, here are some suggestions. The closest accommodation to the event venue is B&B A Place to Be. There are 2 hostels within 20 minute walking distance from the venue: Hostel 47 and KaBa Hostel. Ghent has a quite active couchsurfing community and there are some beautiful AirBNB's to be found in or near the city. Want to meet some new dancer friends? Then post in the Fuson Breeze Facebook event to see if there are any dancers in Ghent offering accommodation.

Tickets Show

Online ticket sales start October 11.

There will also be tickets available at the door (€15)





Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Ghent (BE)

Walking distance from train station Ghent Dampoort


Come early, it's not always easy to find a parking spot. The Land van Waaslaan is located in the yellow zone:
Paid parking between 9.00 and 19.00 (maximum of 5 hours). After 19.00 you can park for free and longer than 5 hours. On Sunday parking is free.

There is a big paid parking at Oktrooiplein (7 minute walking distance).

For more parking info and prices, click here


From the city center (Stadhuis, Korenmarkt, Sint-Jacobs ...) take bus 3, 17, 18, 38 to Dampoort.

From Gent Zuid (Woodrow Wilsonplein) take bus 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77 en 78 to Dampoort.


Lamia Barbara (IT)

Lamia Barbara, Member of CID Unesco (International Dance Council), is an internationally touring dancer, yogini and teacher, writer, world traveler based in Palermo, Italy. Passionate researcher in the path of dance and Yoga with over 10 years of extensive training, studying and performing all over the world, Lamia’s vision of dance aims towards grounded practice and soulful expression. Rooted in her traditional studies, Lamia’s holistic approach to dance explores the history, philosophy, theory and technique of dance and music with an emphasis on the ethic of experimental fused dances. Taking inspiration from her studies in dance and Yoga, Lamia’s unique teaching and performing style blends eastern and western elements, tradition and modern expression, searching for that sacredness of the body that belongs to every dance.

Chantira (FR)

Chantira has been interested by Asia and Mediterranean cultures since a young age. In her dreams of those cultures, she find the way to make come true her journeys through Dances and Art University Studies.
She started with Imrama Tribal Fusion group with Hazel and decided to learn other dances forms among in Asia. Always looking for contrast and balance in her dance, contemporary and classical or folks dances forms. When she stayed in Japan she learned Buto and Bellydance and offered a few tribal fusion for beginner workshops. She performed for the Flower Festival in Hiroshima and some haflas there.
One important spiritual inspiration in her life is India, where she learned Classical Indian Odissi dance, living a traditional life style. She just passed the professional training with the Sultana Association in Paris : the teaching Bellydance certificate. She has been taking Marta Graham technical classes and Persian / Balkan dances workshops.

Salma (ES)

Salma is a multi-style dancer and instructor specialized in Ethnic dance from Middle East and the Silk Road based in Mallorca (Spain). During her 15 years of experience performing she has focused training extensively in Tribal Fusion and Bellydance as well as Classical & Contemporary Persian Dance and Contemporary dance with some of the most influential teachers: Ashley Lopez, Miriam Peretz, Morgana, Colleena Shakti, Samantha Emmanuelle, Sharon Kihara.. . All these styles perform together her unique tribal fusion style that fuses with silk road influences. She is a proud member of the "Nava Dance Collective", an international community of dancers devoted to cross-cultural dialogue and artistic collaboration through traditional, sacred, and ethno-contemporary dance forms, under direction of Miriam Peretz. Currently she is teaching regular classes alongside offering workshops in Mallorca and the rest of Spain as invited dancer/instructor in several dance festivals, where she shares her passion for dance in an open and positive environment, she focuses on a strong fusion technique but encouraging the students to improve keeping always safety in mind. Many of the concepts she uses in her classes and workshops are based in her studies of Ethno-Contemporary Dance with Patricia Passo, the Integrated Dance Format by Ashley Lopez and her studies as Certified Low Pressure Fitness Instructor.

Meije (FR)

Meije started dance with aerobic, a kind of gymnastic sportive in competition. After that she discovered bellydance and tribal fusion with Marie-Noël Hamache and Cora Guilmot in 2012. Her interest for the fusion motivated herself to learn about different style with many teachers and artists trough festivals in France like Orchidacae team, Yana Kremneva, Kami Liddle or Polina Shandarina. Almost, She is very interested and learn a lot trough Illan Rivière's method which is blending tribal fusion and contemporary concepts. Today She also learn salsa and contemporary dance. Her dance and teaching unite common basic movement of bellydance and different style who is influencing herself.

Mell tribalbounce (FR)
Mell is a French tribal fusion bellydance and fitness instructor. She teaches and directs Tribal Bounce school in the Marseille area since 2011, and organises the Tribal Moonlight festival and co organises Gothla France with Taylamara. Passionate about sports and dance since her childhood, she has studied many dance styles such as hip hop, ragga, contemporary, and classic bellydance. She graduated from the Marseille sport faculty in human movement sciences with a mention in heath & fitness. She discovered tribal fusion in 2007 from a bellydance superstars DVD while she was practicing classic bellydance with her first teacher Karima. As have many others, she fell in love with tribal when seeing Rachel Brice dance. Since then she hasn't stopped studying this beatiful art. She had the opportunity to study in the USA in 2013 during 'The Golden Trail' : Datura in Portland, Hot Pot in Sacramento, Salimpour bellydance school in Albany, FCBD studio in San Francisco and during Tribal fest 2014 where she also had the honnor to be a part of the Mat Jacob and friends project and to perform a solo piece. Known for her musicality and eclectic style going from traditional world dance to urban influences, she tries every year to collab with other dancers thought The Fuse project to share her passion of group pieces. She feels grateful to teach and perform and hopes to meet you on the road !