Teacher Call Specials

Teacher Call Specials


Teuta is now looking for (semi)professional Dance Teachers to participate in her class specials. We welcome all genres of dance.

Spaces are limited and applications close at May 13th at 23:59.


Teachers are expected to teach 3 classes of a 4-week class series. The idea is that the 1st class of the series is a bellydance class by Teuta, the 2nd class is a special class by you, the 3rd and 4th class are fusion classes by you and Teuta together. So this is a real collaboration class series. To make this possible there will be 2 unpaid rehearsals before the class series starts.

The class series will take place on Wednesday Evenings (19.45-20.45) from September 2018 to May 2019.
Location is Planeet Mars, Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent.

Dates for the class series:

– 19/09/18 until 10/10/18

– 17/10/18 until 14/11/18

– 06/02/19 until 27/02/19

– 13/03/19 until 03/04/19

You can apply to teach 1 or more series.

Teuta will organize a video and photo shoot on June 9th. Preference goes to teachers who are available on that date.


Spaces are limited and applications close at May 13th at 23:59.



Teacher is offered:

  • The opportunity to teach 3 classes
  • The possibility to attend the first bellydance class  for free
  • A brief presentation on the website and other publicity materials
  • A fee of €35 per class hour
  • The opportunity to be part of a video and photo shoot on June 9th

Teacher agrees:

  • to be a (semi)professional instructor with at least 2 year teaching experience
  • to have 2 unpaid rehearsals together with Teuta to put together the class series
  • to teach a half hour free trial class on June 9th
  • to be working as a self-employed teacher at own account and own risk
  • to send an invoice that meets the legal requirements after completion of the assignment
  • to teach workshops at a high standard of technique and safety
  • to teach workshops in English or Dutch
  • not to teach any class of similar caliber within 200 kilometers of the event for 90 days prior to and 90 days following the workshop
  • to promote the class series to the best of their ability on social media, website and network
  • to provide all additional information as required, adhering strictly to the timelines set by Teuta
  • to be responsible for their own transport, travel and accommodation.
  • to be able to cover personal costs (travel, food, accommodation etc.)
  • to authorize Teuta to use their name, likeness, photos and videos to promote the class series including and not limited to flyers, web links and publication ads.
  • to give the free rights to Teuta to use photos and videos made during the class series
  • that in case there are less than 8 paying participants, Teuta reserves the right to cancel the class series without any compensation to teacher. Teuta will inform teacher about this at the latest 96 hours before start of the class.

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