Tribal Fusion

Tribal fusion belly dance is a modern Western form of bellydance. Teuta fell in love with tribal fusion because of the free spirit of this dance. This freedom not only manifests itself in the dance style, but also in the music choice, choreography and costuming. It is a creative, diverse and innovative dance style that is constantly developing, and new fusion forms are being created every day. The use of music ranges from pop to hiphop to gothic.

Tribal fusion was created by fusing American Tribal Style belly dance and American Cabaret belly dance.  It has developed from American Tribal Style (ATS), a group improvisational style of bellydancing. ATS has its roots in a folkloric dance movement from the 70s that was inspired by tribal cultures from all over the world. Tribal Fusion blends moves from ATS with various other dance styles, from flamenco to Bollywood, from ballet to cabaret.



♥ Tribal Bellydance


♥ Rachel Brice

♥ Zoe Jakes

♥ Jill Parker

♥ Unmata

♥ Fat Chance Bellydance

♥ Suhaila Salimpour

Popular dancers today

♥ Piny Orchidaceae

♥ Violet Scrap

♥ Ilan Rivière


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Festivals and Events

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