Video Editing



Fusion Breeze

Compilation of Fusion Breeze

July 2015

Promo Defne
Promotion film for Defne
August 2014

Promo Josephine Jansen
Promotion film for tribal fusion classes Josephine Jansen
October 2012

Showreel Movin’ Circle
Showreel for Movin’ Circle
June 2012

Promo Movin’ Circle
Promotion film for Movin’ Circle
May 2012

Beyond Bellydance III
Compilation of Beyond Bellydance III hosted by The Uzume
November 2011

Promo The Uzume
Promotion film for Dance Company The Uzume
April 2011

Beyond Bellydance II
Compilation of Beyond Bellydance II hosted by The Uzume
November 2010

Beyond Bellydance I
Compilation of Beyond Bellydance I hosted by The Uzume
April 2010

Hafla The Uzume
Compilation of the Hafla hosted by The Uzume
November 2009

Tjarda and DJ Kuif
Compilation of Tjarda dancing to DJ Kuif at Theaterfestival Boulevard
September 2009

Bolly meets Belly
Compilation of Julia Zafira’s show Bollywood meets Bellydance
April 2009

Hafla The Uzume
Compilation of the Hafla hosted by The Uzume
March 2009

Zure Melk
(NL, 2008, 31 min)
Official selection Film by the Sea & Hull Filmfestival

Stroodorp is a small village where a close community lives together in peace.
Or so it seems: most of the town’s people have secrets they’d rather keep.
When a man visits the village for their 250th anniversary promising to grant
a wish, one particular wish may unravel their secrets. How will the villagers
protect themselves?